As a psychologist, it is a great privilege to be trusted with people’s private hopes and fears. I will provide a space in which you will feel deeply listened to, understood, and accepted just as you are, right now.

Many studies have shown that the most important factor in the effectiveness of therapy is the rapport and trust that is established between a particular client and therapist. Everything else is built on this foundation.

My approach is collaborative. You and I work together to hear, understand, and address the problems you face. You bring all of your experience and observations, and I bring the sets of tools that I believe will be most helpful for your particular issues (see ‘Treatment Options’).

My style is quite proactive. Think of it as being like having a gym coach – I will show you the equipment, how to use it, and encourage and challenge you.

Coming to therapy already requires an openness and courage to face difficult thoughts, emotions, and behavioural patterns. I will honour this level of commitment and help you to channel it into tangible, positive change.

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